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If the written word is your form of communication, then your message must be clear and concise. As a freelance copy editor/proofreader, I bring a fresh perspective to catch things that may have escaped you. You may need another pair of eyes to ensure that grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct. The effectiveness of your content is dependent upon how well it is presented - improper grammar or spelling mistakes can undermine your message. 
     I have over 20 years’ experience editing /proofreading and writing. My background includes work on websites, newsletters, grant proposals, and personal statements. I do not write content; I do, however, carefully examine what you have already written to make sure it is grammatically correct and easily understood. I have an eagle eye for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes on printed material and websites. 

      I welcome the opportunity to help you with your written material to ensure it is in the best shape possible.


If you have a problem, I've got the "write" stuff!                             Contact Louise Weaver

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